Waterfall Massage

The Waterfall Massage may be the most relaxing massage experience possible.The culmination of thousands of hours of research, years of clinical experience, and scientific evaluation – The art of massage, foot zoning, reflexology and acupressure techniques. It supports and rejuvenates cells (enhances cellular communication and influences cellular behavior at the subcellular level), encourages key body systems (nervous, circulatory, immune/lymphatic, musculoskeletal, and endocrine) to function at their best, and reduces limiting factors in health (stress, toxins, harmful substances, and negative emotions). Through this relaxing and effective technique an extraordinarily wide-ranging wellness experiences are realized. A very effective part of any wellness program. These massages are performed by Dr. Atkinson and are available by appointment.

Heavenly Massage

Our Heavenly Massage systems are the Ultimate in state-of-the-art massage. 3D intelligence combined with the latest technology in Shiatsu, Acupressure and Air Massage offer the ultimate in relaxation. Users receive the therapeutic benefits of traction, stretching, circulation and trigger-point work. This full body treatment including arms and feet will make you feel rejuvenated. A 15 minute session gives the equivalent stimulation of 90 minutes of traditional massage.

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